Johnie Clem

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If you want to know more about Johnie and his training program, visit his website at:

Elizabeth Brooks

Elizabeth is a Springfield Missouri native with over 25 years of experience in the horse world. Elizabeth has competitive and professional experience in everything from reining to dressage. Her knowledge and abilities have taken her to work and train in England, Japan, New Zealand, and Germany. From Foxtrotters to Warmbloods, Elizabeth is a USDF bronze medal holder with vast experience in all breeds and disciplines.

Elizabeth most enjoys helping riders of all kinds overcome fears and the physical development of competitive riders. Elizabeth has coached the EasyRiders to three of their national championships and watched many of her students go on to their own individual achievements with horses.

Sarah Crouse

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Originally from Louisiana, Sarah started at the age of 11.  Her early experience is with hunter jumper, 4H, and them moved up into the Arabian sport horse circuit. Sarah has been an Arabian Youth Nationals coach consistently since 2016. In recent years, Sarah has started to specialize in dressage.

Sarah’s biggest reward from teaching is seeing and working with kids who are as much in love with horses as she was and helping them to realize their dreams and achieve their goals with their horses.

Lauren Stansell