Beef Quarters and Halves for Sale

Beef quarters and halves are the most cost effective way to have and enjoy top quality beef. You can save $$$ each year this way.

Our beef is farm raised, grass fed, and grain finished. All animals are humanely treated on low density pastures.  We do not use horomones on our cattle.

A half is usually around 200 pounds of great tasting beef.  A quarter will yield around 90 pounds. The exact amount depends what kinds of cuts you want. The exact cost will vary with current market prices and final hanging weight.

The beef is aged for at least 21 days; before cutting and packaging.  The beef will stay good for a year or more in a freezer.

To ensure availability, you will need to place your order months in advance and plan to have space available in your freezer when the time comes.

A list of common cuts can be found here:

If you want to order or have questions, feel free to call, 417.988.4277 or email us from our contact page.